Going through a divorce is hard enough, without the added headache of a child custody dispute. Of course, this is a common occurrence in most divorce cases. A child custody attorney can help you navigate the intricacies of child custody cases.

At Arturo R. Alfonso P.A., we have attorneys that understand parental rights and can help you go through this process with ease.

We help avoid long custody battles that have many negative effects on all parties involved, particularly the children. Having an efficient divorce law and custody lawyer is the most ideal setting for this process.

What Is Child Custody?

Child custody and parental rights go hand in hand. It means legally having control over your children and being able to make decisions for them. In this case, your children can either live permanently with you, in case of full custody or some of the time, in case of shared custody.

In full custody, you have the right to determine their education, health care, and religion.

The parent who does not have custody will not have any parental rights when it comes to the children. However, there are different types of child custody rights that are usually determined by the courts

What Should I Expect During A Child Custody Hearing?

A lot happens during a child custody hearing, and it can either be a long process or a short one, depending on you, your spouse, and the attorney you have chosen to represent you.

The courts will only come in when you do not reach an agreement, and in this case, the law decides what’s best for your baby, and the parental rights of each parent.

The judge usually considers various factors such as the child’s age, the child’s relationship with the parent, the parent’s financial situation, and the child’s preference, before making an official decision.

Having a child custody attorney on your side can help you in the court proceedings and help determine how much should be provided by the other party, on a yearly basis, to help care for the child. The cost typically involves the child’s living expenses, education, healthcare as well as other general care like clothing and food.

What Should I Know Before Choosing An Attorney?

Before choosing your preferred child custody attorney, there are certain things you should know about the attorney, such as:

  • How long have they been working on child custody cases?
  • Do they handle divorce as well?
  • What is their success level?
  • How accessible is the attorney?
  • How are their reviews?
  • How much will it cost?

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