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Your retirement plan plays a vital role in ensuring your financial security. Much like your other marital assets, your retirement savings are subject to division during divorce proceedings.

This is why experienced divorce lawyers prioritize safeguarding these assets. After all, they make up a large part of most people’s total worth. Therefore, you will need a reasonable retirement account divorce attorney in Miami, Fl, if you plan to divorce and have a retirement account.

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Understanding Florida State Laws

Before dealing with divorce and retirement money, you should know the laws of the land. This is the first step towards protecting your retirement account after a divorce. Even though it can be split between spouses in a divorce, this split isn’t always the case.

Florida, an equitable division state, will require courts to make a fair division of marital property but not necessarily in equal measure. For a pension, only part of a retirement account that was acquired during the period in which you were married is considered to be subject to division.

Understand The Details Of Your Retirement Plan

When dealing with divorce retirement accounts, you should consider two main factors. The first is to confirm the method used to distribute payments, and second, you should determine if the plan provides a survivor’s benefit.

It’s critical to comprehend the plan’s operation because it impacts how the assets will be divided throughout the divorce. For instance, for a single-life payout, the payment choice you selected during sign-up will apply to your spouse. Your lawyer during the Florida attorney free consultation will explain more on this.

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Negotiate For An Alternative

If you want to avoid giving your spouse half of your pension during splitting assets in a divorce, consider handing over half of a joint investment, such as a co-owned home. Another option is in a scenario where your spouse has their pension or any other retirement assets to preserve.

In this case, a solution may be to agree to walk away with what you already have if both of you have retirement savings that are comparable in size. This will result in a quicker divorce in Miami as there’s one less asset to divide.

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