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Going through a divorce is a highly stressful and depleting stage of life, even if both parties feel like it is the best course of action. Child custody battles only add fuel to this turbulent fire, potentially making matters worse.

Securing a child custody law attorney is the best course of action, for both you and your children. The law offices of Arturo R. Alfonso can help you during these difficult times in preparing the reasons why you are the best parent and helping you gain custody.

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What Is Child Custody?

Under child custody, the person awarded this will have legal custody of the child and making decisions for them. The right to make decisions for your child involves mostly physical custody, relating to providing adequate housing and care throughout their childhood. When a couple divorces, it’s often left to one spouse over the other to have legal custody of the child or children, with the other spouse typically receiving visiting periods and timeframes, such as weekends and holidays. Included in visiting rights is also payment to the other spouse for general costs related to having full-time custody of the children, which is determined in court. The costs typically cover items such as healthcare, education, living expenses, and general care like food and clothing. The custodial parent is the person awarded legal custody, while the noncustodial parent is the person awarded visitation rights. The noncustodial parent will still be involved in decisions surrounding the children, but may not have a final say, however.

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Most custody awards are subject to change until the child comes of age. This process allows changing of custody down the road in case of any updated mandates or inaccurate information from previous custody proceedings. Sometimes, though, this leads to almost constant custody battles between the divorced parents. Whether it is for legitimate reasons or not, this can have negative effects on all parties involved, mostly for the children. Having a child custody law attorney on your side can help you avoid these battles and potentially reach a relatively stress-free compromise with your ex. All the proceedings will take place on the state level, and the court will determine both parents’ annual income and how much should be provided to properly care for the child or children on a yearly basis. All these proceedings can be confusing and can quickly become a battle, so it’s important to have representation on your side.

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The easiest way of securing custody of your children is before it reaches court. When you file for divorce, you will have a period of time to discuss with your ex, among attorneys, counselors and mediators, who can get custody of the children and who will be the noncustodial parent. If you can reach a compromise within this period, called an out-of-court agreement, then the courts won’t decide for you. But if the discussion is not getting anywhere, or there is no compromise, then you may not reach a final decision before it is presented before the court. In which case, the court will base most of their decisions on who is the primary caretaker of the child or children, and the most fit to provide for them. If the children are old enough to give their preference, the court will take this into consideration. Reaching a compromise and agreement before the court may be in your best interest, even if it is difficult. Your attorney can help you figure out what’s best in your position, and work with you in getting the best resolution in your child custody case.

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