If you happen to get a divorce and you have a child, there are many different types of child custody you will need to know about. Here are a few of them.


Types of Custody Agreements

There are four types of custodies.


Joint custody

Joint  Custody is also known as shared custody. In these types of child custody, both the parents have custody of the child. Joint custody can be allotted to the parent if they no longer live together.

There are three forms of joint custody.

  • Joint physical custody
  • Joint legal custody
  • Joint legal and physical custody

Pros of Joint custody.

  • As both the parents are involved in raising their child, here the expenses are divided between both parents.
  • Children get to spend time with each parent.

Cons of Joint Custody.

  • Scheduling can become a problem as both the parents have to take responsibility for the child. They can argue that one is getting a more manageable schedule than the other.
  • Kids have to move between homes frequently.
  • Children can be affected psychologically if both are unwilling to work together.

Legal Custody

Legal custody involves two different types of custody agreements

  • Sole Legal Custody

In this type of custody, one parent has all the right to make any decisions regarding the child’s needs. Parents with sole legal custody can take all decisions about health, religion, and education.

  • Joint Legal Custody

In this type of child custody, neither of the parents can make any decision about the child’s upbringing without consulting the other. In the majority of the cases, the court assigns joint legal custody so that both parents can retain their legal rights.


Pros of Sole Legal Custody

  • Reduces argument as only one parent has to take all responsibility.
  • Children have a more stable life.
  • Decision-making for the parent can be easier.


Cons of sole legal custody

  • It can be overwhelming for one parent to make all decisions and afford all expenses.
  • Children suffer as one parent is detached from their life.
  • Parents with all the rights can make the wrong decision for the child.

Physical Custody

This is a type of custody in which the child stays with one parent and the other gets visitation rights. If the child spends an equal amount of time with both, the parent court might assign a 50/50 or joint physical custody.


Sole Custody

This is the rarest type of custody for a child assigned to a parent unless the parent is unfit for the child’s upbringing; the court assigns sole legal custody or sole physical custody.