Divorce is a painful experience, and it brings on a lot of trying and unwanted responsibilities. The most important part of those responsibilities is the assignment of custody over children. Whether you are a father or mother, you, as a parent, have the right to raise your child. We at Arturo R. Alfonso want to ensure all of our clients have their rights protected, and the first step in that fight is to make sure you understand what factors will go into the decision of the court. Next, please visit our Services Page to see what services we offer to help you in this fight. Arturo R. Alfonso will provide you with a Miami family law attorney free consultation.


The Relationship Matters

Before a court can feel confident about assigning legal custody to a parent, it has to make sure that the parent and child have a healthy relationship. Nobody wants to give somebody custody over a child if the child is uncomfortable with the parent. This is especially so if it seems that the primary goal of the parent is a financial benefit or spite. The relationship each parent has with the child will come up in the hearings, and the court will ask the child about it. If the child is old enough, usually twelve or older, then he will likely be asked which parent he would prefer to live with. 


Child Rearing Ability Factors Into Legal Custody!

The court will want to know whether or not the parental custodian will be able to raise the child once custody is granted. Can you provide a safe environment for the child? Can you get the child to school on time every morning? Most importantly, do you spend quality time with your child and work to cultivate a strong parental relationship with them? No matter how hard divorce is for you and your partner, it is even harder for your child. They will need you now more than ever, and the court will want to make sure the parent to whom it grants custody is up to the task.


Can You Afford To Take Care Of Your Child?

Part of providing a safe and stable environment for your child is earning a steady income. It is best if you have full-time employment, but it is also crucial that you not spend all your time working. Children need a lot of time with their parents, and it is hard to offer them if you are always at the office. When you take advantage of our Miami family law attorney free consultation, we can discuss this in greater detail with you.


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