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Did you know that the state of Florida requires an attorney to be present during any sort of real estate transaction? So if you’re looking to buy or sell a house here in Miami, that’s just the first incentive to get to know a good real estate lawyer. But real estate attorneys do so much more. Whether you are buying, selling, or renting, facing foreclosure or dealing with landlord vs tenant disagreements, Arturo R. Alfonso PA is here for you. If you need a real estate lawyer in Miami that you can depend on to fight his hardest for your interests, give us a call.

What A Real Estate Attorney Can Do For You

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The first and foremost duty of a real estate attorney is to negotiate and oversee all legal proceedings in a real estate transaction. The definition of a real estate transaction includes buying, selling, or renting a home, estate planning, deeds, mortgages, and more. Generally, what your attorney will do during this time is review all contracts and paperwork throughout the transaction, advising you on any conditions or omissions in the documents that may be in your interests as the buyer or seller. They also may prepare these documents themselves for the transaction, writing title insurance policies and completing title searches of the property. When the two parties have reached a deal, your attorney will also be present at the closing of the transaction, as required by Florida law. This is so that your attorney can also ensure that all of the proper procedures are being followed for such a transaction, protecting you from possible future lawsuits regarding the transaction.
A real estate attorney can also represent you in cases involving landlord and tenant relationships, foreclosures, financing your real purchase, and loan modifications. Attorney Alfonso has experience in all areas of real estate and is ready to take on your case!

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Arturo R. Alfonso is one of Miami’s most distinguished attorneys, particularly in real estate law. With over 25 years of continued success, we know just how to fight for the best interests of our clients.
But to us, it’s not just about winning another case. Your satisfaction is our number one priority, and so we work hard not only to win your case, but to make sure that you are comfortable and in the know throughout the entire process. That’s why we provide comprehensive, aggressive representation, for reasonable rates that you can actually afford. To get you started, we also offer a free 15-minute strategy session, so that we can prove to you that we’re the ones who will win your case.
So let’s close that real estate transaction together, shall we?

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With our years of experience and success in the areas of family, bankruptcy, and real estate law, Arturo R. Alfonso PA is the real estate lawyer in Miami that is best prepared to win your case, for the most reasonable rates. We devote our personal attention to each and every case, carefully examining every detail. Ready to get started? Call us for a free case evaluation.

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