“It’s a tragedy when people divorce, but at the same time if they stay together it can be an even bigger or worse tragedy.”  

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Ending a marriage is one of the most traumatizing events in anyone’s life, but take heart. Regardless of how painful it is, there are happier times ahead.

Divorce comes with plenty of heated conversations and emotional breakdowns, and more often than not, if there are children involved, they are the most hurt, and they may even suffer. The emotional roller coasters are too much for them to handle, and a top family law attorney in Miami can help through this process.

At Arturo R. Alfonso P.A, we deal with all sorts of family law issues in the Miami-Dade area and can offer you some reprieve during the process.

However, here are a few tips to help your family through this difficult process of divorce and child support issues.


Talk to Your Children About It.

You may want to spare your kids the heartache and assume that keeping it a secret is the best option, but this is never a good approach, and sooner, rather than later, they will find out.

So, it’s best to tell them about the divorce. By breaking the news to them, you let them know that they are considered important in the relationship and that they did not contribute in any way whatsoever. This is a difficult moment for them so remember assurance is necessary.

Offering your child support during this period actually helps them trust you more as a parent.


Help Them Accept The Divorce Process

As your top family law attorney in Miami-Dade, we advise that you should allow your child to let out their emotions. You should encourage your child to talk about their feelings and how they feel about the entire process, as this helps them accept the entire situation.


Give Your Child Reassurance

Despite going through a divorce, you need to prioritize child support. It is necessary to set aside your differences and ensure that your child knows that they are loved and that both of you are still willing to work together to make decisions regarding their future.


Work Together, Even Though You Are Going Through Divorce

You may be going through a divorce but at the center of it, all are your children. This is not easy, but you will have to put your anger aside and consider them.

It is necessary to present a united front for the sake of your children. As your family law attorney in Miami, we advise that you participate in family discussions about your divorce with your ex present. This lets your child know that despite the changes, both of you are still present in their life.

It is best to learn about co-parenting even before the divorce proceedings so as to avoid fighting or quarrels in your child’s presence.


Stick To A Prior Routine

Your child needs some sense of stability despite their world literally turning upside down. You should try to continue with the normal routines that you used to do before the divorce. For instance, you could do baking or even maintain camping traditions since these activities set your child’s mind at ease.

Please reach out to us for any kind of support you may require during this hard and difficult process.


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