When we are talking about sole custody, we are talking about the sole responsibility of your children. This sole custody includes taking care of them, controlling them, and making sure you keep up with their maintenance. The laws in Florida have evolved over the years, and sole custody has now been replaced by the term “sole responsibility.” For partners who are going through a divorce or a separation, getting sole custody in Florida is very important if they plan on taking up the responsibility of their children entirely.

At Arturo R. Alfonso P.A., we have a team of lawyers specializing in child custody cases and help parents obtain sole custody of their children. However, before winning the case of child custody, many things need to be considered, and many factors need to be considered before a strong case can be presented. To enhance your knowledge of the subject, we have compiled a small guide that might help you maneuver through the process successfully.


The history of child custody law in Florida

Even though it is widespread that mothers obtain sole custody of their children in the present, this was not always the case. Previously, in Florida, fathers would obtain child custody and be responsible for looking after their children after the divorce or separation. However, with the evolution of family laws, the trends have changed.

Things started taking a turn by the 20th century when strong arguments were presented in favor of mothers, showing that they were better suited to raise the children. As a result, there was a time when mothers could get exclusive custody of their children. However, as time evolved, the stance once again changed. The jury decided to opt for a more gender-neutral approach, and custody was awarded to the parent who could present a more substantial and more persuasive argument.


Circumstances surrounding Sole Custody

Now that we have established there, to obtain sole custody of your children, you need to present a strong case. There are ways to do this, and the more compelling your argument is, the easier it will be to sway the jury in your favor. As a parent, you can convince the jury to make the ruling in your favor regarding getting sole custody in Florida by proving that the other parent is unfit to raise the child.

There are many ways of proving that the other party is not fit to raise the child. These include providing sufficient evidence that the other party has been abusive, be it emotionally or physically. This abuse includes putting the child’s life in danger or neglecting them to a point where it becomes unhealthy for the child’s growth. Other ways of proving this include showing that the other party has a history of alcohol or drug abuse.

If the other parent does not have the mental stability to raise a child, this can also be deemed as something that will prove favorable to the other party. Other things include financial instability, the other party living with a partner who is not fit to raise a child. However, these reasons are not just limited to the ones mentioned above; the evidence is primarily circumstantial and can vary from case to case.


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