Do you want to be the one to make decisions regarding your medical care even when you are incapacitated? Then, you need to take advantage of a legal route to ensure that your decisions stand! What legal route? It is that of having a living will. Do you wonder: What is a living will? Why should I have a living will? This article explains that! What if you need further information about living wills and other family-related concerns? Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. is one of the esteemed family attorneys in Miami to consult! We will give you an in-depth understanding and the right legal help. You can also consult us if you need one of the “best estate lawyers near me.”

Should I Have A Living Will?

A living will, also called advanced directive, is a written statement that outlines medical treatments you prefer and the ones you’d not want if you are unable to make decisions. Unlike a last will and statement, a living will is effective when a person is still alive. But why should you have a living will?

A living will give you peace of mind. If you are one of the individuals that want to be sure that only the treatment options you approve will be administered, you need a living will. A living will is only applicable when you are not able to make healthcare decisions. You won’t need it if you can still discuss your treatment options with your healthcare provider.

What A Living Will Addresses

A living will addresses medical treatments that involve dialysis, ventilation, resuscitation, and more. You can choose to accept all these procedures. You might also choose to reject all or receive one or two. Also, you could indicate whether you want to donate tissues or organs after death. Even if you refuse to be on life-support, you could express your desire to be given pain medication. 

The Role Of An Attorney

To draft a living will, you need an attorney. They will help you draft the will using the appropriate language so that your wishes stay unchanged. Even though we strongly wish that you’d not need to use a living will, it is vital to have a legal document that expresses your wishes. Moreover, apart from having an attorney draft your living will, you need a health care surrogate. A health care surrogate ensures that your wishes are respected and carried out. Since you will be consulting a family attorney for your living will, if you also need one of the respected “estate lawyers near me,” they are ready to help.   

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