For newly divorced couples, defining a shared custody schedule that works for both parents and children is an uphill battle. And right about the time, everyone is finally getting used to the new family dynamic, school is over, which means the phase of programming schedules must be started all over again. Planning how to split the summer holidays while sharing custody can be very stressful. Want to make it less frustrating? Follow the co-parenting tips shared by one of the most respected custody lawyers in Miami, Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. When it comes to family law, you won’t find someone more experienced and qualified in the city.     


Tips to Co-Parenting in the Summer Months Without School

Sharing parenting responsibilities means both parents have to agree on all the essential aspects involved in raising the children. It also means learning how to leave the personal differences behind to focus on developing an amicable coexistence. 


We know that reaching a cordial stage takes effort and time. If you are still struggling to find the balance and rhythm of your co-parenting partnership, mainly when it involves planning holidays, like summer vacations, consider following these useful tips to relieve the situation.      


  • Prioritize the Kids

Center your decision-making process in choosing what’s best for the kids. They surely deserve to live a full life, and that concept involves getting the opportunity to spend time with their parents. When keeping your children as the #1 priority, you will find it’s easier to compromise and make the necessary adjustments to right a stressful situation.  


  • Start Planning Ahead

Sit together, pick up a calendar, and create a co-parenting plan. Aim to start ahead of upcoming long holidays and back to school dates. This will make the scheduling transition easier for everyone, especially the kids. It’s vital not to improvise with the children’s schedule. Trying to see things from their perspective is always helpful. For instance, can you sense how upsetting is not knowing under what roof you’d be spending the night?  


  • Begin New Family Traditions

Acknowledging as a family that things are different will give you so much freedom to create new traditions that will be welcome by everyone. Take this momentum to build a new and flexible zone that is comforting. 


Receive Shared Custody Assistance

When the parts can’t seem to reach an agreement, it’s time to act! The first step is considering the assistance of a custody lawyer. Miami residents can rely on the assertive legal advice of Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. 


As a specialist family law attorney with more than 25 years of service, Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. provides the assertive legal counseling you need to resolve any conflict, quickly and efficiently. 


The ultimate goal of the practice is to see clients at peace and doing the best for the children caught in the middle of the divorce. 


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