If you are going through a divorce, one of your top priorities is likely to be protecting your assets. And if you have separate property, that protection becomes even more critical. Finding a separate property divorce attorney in Miami, Fl, is a good idea.

Separate property is any property that came into your or your spouse’s possession before marriage or while married as a gift or inheritance. If you are filing for divorce in Miami, your separate property is not subject to division due to Florida not being a community property state.

When undergoing a divorce, it is crucial to ensure that your separate property is protected. One step to this is hiring one of the best divorce lawyers in Miami.

Arturo R. Alfonso P. A is the best divorce attorney in Miami, Fl. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced lawyers at your disposal. You can protect your assets from being equally distributed.


Value of Assets as of the Marriage Date

When filing for divorce in Miami, you should start by identifying if any separate assets have increased in value during your marriage. That increase is considered a marital asset. This brings about the need for you to note its value before you get married.

You will then be able to preserve your separate asset’s premarital value during the Miami divorce. Look for bank documents showing the deal at the point of marriage. It may be too late to say this, but please keep all bank documentation indicating your asset’s value.


Do You Have Separate Assets in Your Name?

For a quick divorce in Miami, separate any assets in your name. Adding your spouse’s name to your asset ceases to be a separate asset.

For example, if, during the refinancing of a mortgage, you might find yourself changing the name of the deed on a property from your sole name to that of your joint spousal name.

During the divorce proceeding in Miami, if the property was initially a separate property, some of its value could have been protected from division in the event of a divorce. Additionally, once the deed is changed to a joint name, it ceases to be separate property.


Gifts Received

While filing for divorce in Miami, gifts from third parties are not considered marital assets. However, their growth in value throughout the marriage is part of marital assets. If you get a gift, be sure to keep the necessary records.

The cheques sent to you should only be placed into a separate account in your name.

This also applies to non-monetary gifts. Inheritances also fall under this category. Ensure you always register them in your sole name.


Have Something in Writing

For a quick divorce in Miami, a postnuptial or prenuptial agreement is the most effective strategy to safeguard assets. You should protect the distinct value through a formal contract if it is vital to you.


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