Miami is home to many affluent investors and homeowners. Therefore, securing a permanent residence in this city of beauty and life is a great achievement. While you may have found the perfect home, then comes the buying process. Remember that this is a legal transfer, and a lot of caution is needed to avoid headaches later.

So, if you ask if you need a real estate attorney in Miami, the answer is a big yes! Who is a real estate lawyer? This is someone knowledgeable and experienced to be part of the advisory team in any real estate transaction like a home purchase or sale and has the licensure to practice real estate law.

If you are searching for ‘real estate lawyers near me,’ Arturo R. Alfonso P.A in Miami is your best bet at landing a good closing deal. Their twenty-five years of experience in handling all kinds of real estate cases is one reason why.


Are you looking for ‘real estate lawyers near me?’

Acknowledging the importance of this type of attorney is an excellent place to start, whether you are buying or selling. For starters, they will look out for your interests and rights, take charge of closing your home sale or purchase, and prepare and review the documents and contract details, so you can rest easy knowing you are in safe hands.

In cases where a mortgage loan is used as payment, the attorney handling the closing may represent the mortgage lender. At the same time, every state has its regulations, and real estate law isn’t an exception. Based on the laws in your area and the type of transaction, you may have to include the cost of your attorney’s services in the total closing costs.

If this additional cost of including an attorney is not feasible, you may be lucky if your state or lender doesn’t need it.


The costs involved as you search for ‘real estate attorneys near me.’

Depending on expertise, experience, the location, and the price tag of the transaction, the figures will vary. We have some statistics that should help in your estimation. Some real estate lawyers in Miami charge fixed prices for the services they offer. For instance, you may part with $500 to $1500 for the entire closing process.

Others are costly as they come and may charge at an hourly rate roughly $150 to $350. If you sense a red flag ahead, it’s better to pay for a good attorney now and avoid costly lawsuits and claims later.


Reasons why you need to find a ‘residential real estate attorney near me.’

  1. As a requirement by the law or lender

Some states deem specific actions part of the buying and selling process as ‘practicing law,’ which limits the legal authorizations of real estate agents since their training and licensure are below the required capacity. These states may consider closing on a property sale as a law practice.

  1. Handling any arising issues within the contract

While most real estate transactions may be simple, others do not fit into the description. Sticky circumstances are common in every law practice. As such, your real estate attorney will ensure all these details are put into account to ensure you get what you deserve. In some cases, issues may arise even towards or after the closing, but you will be grateful you considered the services of a lawyer in the end.

  1. To gain confidence

Our instincts are somewhat true, and if you feel unsettled about your property purchase or sale, hiring a real estate attorney in Miami will help keep your mind at ease and prevent any hitches that may jeopardize your deal.

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