Joint owned property battles can be a headache. What do you do when none of the owners can agree? As a real estate lawyer, we see this situation play out most commonly among siblings or family members who inherit property. One family member wants to sell, and the others don’t. But this can also happen in divorces, breakups, and ending business partnerships. The best advice for anyone experiencing this situation is to seek help from a lawyer. Out of all the Miami law firms, Arturo Alfonso has years of experience in divorce and real estate law. So if you’ve found yourself in a joint property battle, make sure to read this!

Your Options 

Typically all parties involved will be able to agree without a court order. Many people in this situation that do not wish to sell will offer to buy out the owner(s) who do want to sell. Yet, in these circumstances, all owners will need to agree on a fair buyout price.

Alternatively, an agreement may be made to sell the property. In this case, all owners will need to agree on a selling price. This can be tricky because no all owners will decide on the contributions they need to make while selling, nor an agreed split selling price. Here is where lawyers are required. Many circumstances can cause disagreements. 

Partition Lawsuit

Unfortunately, when neither party can agree on the property’s state, a partition lawsuit may be a fair resolution. Sometimes, people just can’t come to an agreement and would instead leave it up for the court to decide. When a partition lawsuit is filed, the court will make the final decisions. The state of whether or not the property is to be sold, as well as how the amounts will be divided among owners, is in the hands of the court. In this case, all parties will want to hire a real estate lawyer. 

Out of all the Miami law firms, Arturo Alfonso knows exactly how to help in this circumstance. As a certified civil mediator and foreclosure mediator, Arturo Alfonso has experience with the toughest of cases. He is the professional you’ll want on your side. 

Hire An Experienced Lawyer

Arturo Alfonso, an experienced real estate lawyer, will not only help you map your options but will provide the best plan of action for your circumstance. Arturo Alfonso’s practice is one of the best Miami law firms. Arturo has over 20 years of experience working in the Miami courts, spanning from real estate to divorce.  

Deciding to sell a piece of property that you own with others can be complicated. It can divide families and cost people a fortune. To help solve your legal problem as quickly and professionally as possible, call Arturo Alfonso. As one of Miami’s best, we’ll help you come to a solution that everyone is happy with.