The humor in real estate adverts is the stuff of legend. But there is little humor in the business. It is a field full of mines and boob traps and tricks. For the buyer who chooses to skimp on a real estate attorney, it is a story that ends in tears, and even on the streets. But with Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A located in Miami, this should not be the case.

Real estate transactions are not the place to showcase your DIY skills.

Even where the law mandates the presence of a lawyer at closing, you will do well to hire your real estate attorney to represent you exclusively.

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A real estate attorney specializes in real estate law. Indeed, an experienced real estate agent will generally get you through. However, an attorney licensed to practice law can offer a range of services that an agent won’t. A real estate attorney can offer you drafting services. An agent will only fill out a template.

An attorney has a more technical understanding of the law and can guide you through some common property legal issues in real estate practice.

Contract Disputes

Even with the best intentions, a straightforward contract can be subject to many pitfalls. There is so much in it that is so complicated that you need a real estate attorney to be on the safe side.

Disagreements on contract can arise out of undertakings made verbally but which influence the parties. An attorney skilled in-property legal law will always catch this before it becomes a problem.

A dispute may arise where the seller purports to have authority to sell. The seller may be fraudulent in his intentions or not, but the results are always disastrous for the unwary buyer.

A common contract dispute occurs when no stipulation is made as to when the buyer can take possession. The omission of the innocuous phrase ‘possession due on sale’ can dispossess a buyer of the house he has paid for.

False Advertising

There are strict laws on the claims a seller can make while advertising their property. These laws are in place to protect the buyer. There is little that can stop an ardent copywriter from talking up their property. A buyer needs guidance to know what can reasonably be a contract term and what is merely a sales puff.


A buyer needs protection from the possible effects of misrepresentation and non-disclosure. A real estate attorney will always include terms to protect his client from the effects of misrepresentation. The most popular areas for misrepresentation and non-disclosure are foundational and structural features, property boundaries, the stability of the roof, and pest infestations.

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A real estate transaction always has life-changing implications and should be entered into carefully. A qualified real estate attorney will cost you, but you get peace of mind knowing you have a professional to look after your interests. Get in touch with Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A, located in Miami.