Are you wondering if you should call a probate lawyer or an estate lawyer? At Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. in Miami, we tell you what the difference is between these two lawyers so that you get a better understanding of what they do separately. Even though both of these lawyers practice the same category within the law, there are still a lot of differences. The short answer is that probate attorneys deal with the administration behind an estate after someone dies. Whereas an estate lawyer handles the administration for estates with living people. Estate lawyers help their clients with documents that are relative to their estate, wills, and trusts. Both of these lawyers are very important depending on what you need to be done with your property so you must know the differences between them. 


What A Probate Lawyer Does 

We want you to know details about probate lawyers because it is easier to understand what an estate lawyer does in a lot of ways. Working with living clients means that they go over the necessary steps and logistics regarding their estate. However, things can get a little more complicated when someone is deceased. The work that probate lawyers have depends on things such as wills and trusts before they died. Therefore, probate lawyers need to hire outside parties to advise them on the deceased individual so that everything is carried out properly. For example, this lawyer will have to look over the will just to make sure that it was signed by the proper person. This is because older people do not always have complete control over their will. Sometimes, outside influences try to sign their wills for them to make money. Probate lawyers handle all of these kinds of issues that may arise, and they make sure that the estate is being handed over to the proper people if need be. 


When You Should Hire Probate Lawyers 

We want to make sure that you hire probate lawyers when you need them. Many people do not know when it is a good time to call this kind of lawyer, so here are some things to consider before you do so:

  • The state you live in offers an easy process for probation
  • All of the family members in the will have a good relationship
  • All debt can be paid with the money from the estate
  • What kind of property the estate is
  • The estate can be distributed without a probation


Think About Questions 

It is always a good idea to have questions in mind when you meet with probate lawyers. We recommend that you inquire about the cost of the lawyer, how the lawyer will handle your specific case, and the overall process of the case. Having peace of mind with these questions makes all of the difference during your meetings. Do you want to make sure that your property is in good hands!


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