Dealing with a prenuptial agreement can be overwhelming and stressful if you aren’t fully aware of what is going into the agreement, which is why it’s important to sit down with divorce lawyers in Miami free consultation can help you understand what you are signing and what all of it means. However, you still may be wondering whether or not the agreement can be altered or changed after your wedding. Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. in Miami can help you understand and learn the guidelines and rules that surround prenups. 


Understanding Your Prenuptial Agreement

Divorce lawyers in Miami free consultation would be a fantastic first step in to understand what exactly your prenup means and if there are any ways to change or alter it once you sign on the dotted line. Some things may be able to be changed, but there are others that may not so before signing anything it is critical that you understand exactly what you are getting into!


You are able to change your prenup agreement after you get married, but in order to do so, you and your spouse would both have to sign a written contract to have it done. It is critical to understand that you and your spouse both need to agree to the changes or modifications in order for them to be done. If you both want to revoke or throw out you prenup again, you’ll both have to sign a contract to have it done. 


Whether you’re looking to draft and create a prenup before you get married or change it after you get married, it is important that you sit down with a lawyer, so you have a complete understanding of the agreement and process. It is critical that you make sure you know that a prenup contract cannot be changed without the consent of both parties. This means if you are looking to change the prenup because you know you are headed for divorce and want to make sure you get something that you originally weren’t entitled to nothing can be changed behind your spouses back and vice versa. If your spouse wants to change something, so you don’t get everything you were promised in the agreement before filing for divorce, they won’t be able to do that. This is why going over everything carefully beforehand with an open mind is the best way to approach and prenup agreement. Sit down with your partner and discuss what you both are bringing into the marriage and what you both expect to get out of it if it, unfortunately, were to end. No one wants to think about getting divorced or their marriage ending, but it is critical that you and your spouse are open, honest, and realistic when creating your prenup it is the only way that you both will find it fair and the only way it will save you from a stressful situation later down the road. 


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