If your marriage is on the brink of divorce, you may be reeling from the emotional storm of your separation. However, adding children into the legal mix can exacerbate an already-volatile emotional experience. It can be challenging to share legal custody and begin a new season of co-parenting. Reach out to the best of Miami law firms, Arturo R. Alfonso, PA; we can help you navigate perhaps one of the most turbulent times of your life with grace and prudence.


Sharing Legal Custody Is Just The Beginning


When you and your former spouse settle on a custody agreement with your Miami law firms, you effectively terminate one season of parenting only to commence a new season of co-parenting. Just as a new parent needs grace for the challenges in raising a baby, so a newly-made co-parent should expect the first few months to be rocky. It will take time for you and your former spouse to learn how to cooperate without rehashing the issues that drove you apart. Ask for help when tensions flare between you and your ex. Unloading your pent-up outbursts and frustrations to a therapist is the safest way to avoid doing so to your split family.


Focus On Building Trust In Your Ex And Your Kids


Whatever the reason for your divorce, you should strive to restore faith in your children and a working trust in your former spouse. Perhaps broken trust is the reason you have split; don’t break it further by going back on promises, reneging appointments, or displaying inconsistent behavior. Try to maintain a realistic level of emotional investment, and be cooperative with your former spouse as much as it depends on you. Finally, resist the temptation to make disrespectful or mean-spirited comments towards your ex, especially in front of your children. Acting cooperative in court but showing resentment at home will erode the trust you have worked to build in your kids.


Listen To Your Ex And Be Supportive


Just because you are no longer married doesn’t mean you will agree with your former spouses’ decisions. As much as possible, try to collaborate on decisions that affect how your children are raised. If you disapprove of your ex’s position on the matter, voice your concern with conciliation. Give the same amount of respect that you would want to receive. If your ex is uncompromising, try to listen to their reasoning without making a snap judgment. Finally, be supportive of the relationship your former spouse has with your children. Don’t be jealous of the time they spend together or the events they share. Your goal should be for your children to have equally healthy relationships with both of their parents.


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