Does it seem like your divorce costing you way more money than you expected? You are not alone. Divorce can get very pricey, but we are here to help. The law professionals at Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. are here to provide tips on how to keep your legal costs down. When you think about how much does a divorce cost, it can get very overwhelming. So, why stress? Let the best divorce lawyers near me help you! We are here for you Miami residents.


Marriage is Grand, Divorce is 10 Grand

Ten grand seems like an abnormally large amount of money for a divorce, but the sad truth is that sometimes it cost even more than that. It depends on what you are seeking and how much your spouse agrees with you. Think of divorce like a cab ride. If you ride in a taxi for a short while without any detours, your fare is not so high. However, if you take the long route where you are forced to take alternative routes, it can get quite expensive. The same is for divorce. Much can happen during a contested case that was not anticipated, making it virtually impossible to predict the final cost. Luckily, all divorces have stages that can be anticipated. Knowing this allows the fees to be timed to coincide with known stages.


How Much Does a Divorce Cost — Tips That Can Help Get Price Lower

One thing is for certain, the more time your attorney devotes to the case, the more it will cost. Knowing that time spent means more fees are incurred. Let’s take a look at some of these helpful tips:

  • Call and email sparingly. Most attorneys will bill for their time devoted to answering your calls and emails. Time spent doing this is no less valuable than time preparing for trial. That is why you are calling or emailing. So, instead, of calling several times, make a list of questions and email them all at once or call and ask them together. You’ll still be charged for the call, but it will be less costly than calling several times.
  • Provide requested information timely. Remember, time is money. If you provide information quickly and completely, less time will need to be spent gathering information, and more time can be devoted to getting your case done. Don’t put your attorney and the staff in the position of hounding you to provide information. This will increase your bill and the frustration level of all concerned.
  • Make your own photocopies. Why pay someone to do something you can do yourself for free? Neither your attorney nor his staff will mind. They’d rather focus on other aspects of your case. In our firm, we ask that all documents be sent via fax. We have electronic fax so that we can save a copy in our file. Also, there is no chance of us keeping an “original.”
  • Don’t provide originals or your single copy of something. Unless you are specifically asked to provide an original, don’t do it. What if the office gets blown away in a hurricane? Send only copies or better yet fax them. There is much less chance of documents being misplaced if you send via fax. Plus, you won’t be calling us three years later asking us to return your tax returns. They would have never left your possession.
  • Don’t harp on why your friend/cousin/co-worker obtained a different result. At least not to your attorney. You may get a very long answer-and you want to keep your fees down, right? No two cases are alike. Many factors affect the outcome, and many seemingly small differences can have a significant impact on the final result.
  • Remember, your attorney and/or his staff are not therapists. It’s not that we don’t want to hear from you. Honest. It’s just that time is money, and we are not qualified to provide therapy. If you believe that life has been unfair or your spouse is working against you, call a friend or a therapist. It’ll be cheaper and more productive to do so.


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