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But, you are probably wondering ‘what is a moratorium?’

Well, if you have ever taken out a bank loan then, you have probably heard of this word. It simply means delay. A moratorium is a temporary delay in the process of enforcing a judicial decision or law.

Due to the many legal jargons used during contract signing and negotiations, such as when buying a house, you may not exactly understand such terms, which is why you need a ‘foreclosure law firm near me,’ to help you understand.


What Is Foreclosure?

A foreclosure is a process through which a lender, for instance, your bank or a mortgage company, takes ownership of your property after failing to make your loan payment.

This legal process can seem unfair to some who, due to some unforeseeable circumstances, fail to raise the amount needed to meet their mortgage obligation.

Due to the cutthroat nature of some banks, they fail to extend your mortgage and they swoop in to take possession of your house. This is where a good foreclosure law firm in Miami, Florida comes in handy.


What is Foreclosure Moratorium?

Well, since we now understand what foreclosure means and that that moratorium means delay, then foreclosure moratorium is the delay in the foreclosure proceedings. You will need a foreclosure law firm in Miami Florida, such as Arturo R. Alfonso P.A., to help you in this process.

Foreclosure is not necessarily a law or judicial decree, but it is a common form of practice with most banks that could help a homeowner save their homes from foreclosure.

As a homeowner, you can take legal action such as initiating legal actions, or filing for bankruptcy against the lender or bank, to stop the foreclosure.

Following the expiration of the foreclosure moratorium, the homeowners will then be subjected to foreclosure by the lender.

This means that you will need a ‘foreclosure law firm near me’ to help you with the proceedings that may help you seize back your home. If you’re in Miami, Florida, you can reach out to us for all your real estate issues.

Foreclosures are complicated and at times may get messy. If you want to fight one successfully, you need to have the best foreclosure law firm by your side. We will tell you the importance of having a good foreclosure attorney to represent you.


Why Should You Get Legal Representation?

Because foreclosures are legal procedures. During a foreclosure, the lender will take into consideration the condition of the house and at times they may grant you a loan if you can no longer afford their mortgage.

However, you may be faced with instances where they fail to do so and you begin to receive legal notices regarding foreclosures despite having put a hold on your loan or even filed for bankruptcy.

You will need to look for a foreclosure law firm to handle the court issues on your behalf.

Foreclosures are a long legal process and one needs to understand and comply with detailed court procedures and rules, and you can leave this to your preferred foreclosure law firm in Miami, Florida.

The foreclosure attorney will represent you and file paperwork (such as motions) with the court and at times even handle the trial for you.


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