Are you thinking about leaving your spouse? If so, have you considered all of the options? There are three options that are available to you. They include divorce, annulment, and separation. When it comes to these choices, most states recognize all of these in some way. Arturo R. Alfonso, is here to make sure you get all the information to move forward in this situation. If you are filing for divorce in Florida, Arturo is the best choice for you.


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In the state of Florida, the powers never seen fit to formally to recognize separation legally. This is a big problem for individuals who need the legal protection that come with divorce but does not actually want to get a divorce. This is usually common for religious reasons, or otherwise.


However, if this is the route you want to take, don’t feel you need to move to another state. Even though there is technically no way to get legally separated in our state, there are things you can do to create a legal separation in practice. There is a  way to get around that provide you with the same protections that people in other states with legal separation enjoy. Our experts are here to tell you how you can separate from your spouse and make sure that you both are legally protected. This is where a limited divorce takes place.


What is a limited divorce? It is essentially the same thing as filing for separation from your spouse. A limited divorce is a divorce from bed and board. It grants spouses the right to live separate and apart from one another, although they remain as husband and wife and cannot remarry. A limited divorce may be sought when spouses do not have grounds for an absolute divorce. If you agree to separate and you ask the court for help, they will determine where any children will have their residence and also help to create a schedule for visitation rights.


Filing For Divorce In Florida

When dealing with this type of divorce there are specific petitions that can be filed in Florida that deals with support requests. This falls under the umbrella of Petition for Support Uncconect with Dissolution. IT offers a way to request child support, assistance with a patent plan, and alimony.


Perhaps the most all-encompassing way to get legal protection for separation is to create a postnuptial agreement. Most people believe that these agreements are just for divorcing couples, but that’s not actually true.


A postnup help with the following:

  • Who gets the kids
  • How parenting time will be shared
  • What alimony will be paid
  • What child support will be paid


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