Fathers’ rights in Florida for custody or time-sharing are mostly denied until paternity is established. Paternity is established legally with the court by the help of a divorce law firm or a family attorney in Miami. Mothers have sole, physical, and legal custody of the child or children.

Visiting Rights

Visitation laws In Florida are known as time-sharing laws, which means the duration of time-share you are given affects your child support payment as required after divorce in Miami.

That means it will be easier to change a current visitation order with your child or children.

Fathers’ rights in Florida allow fathers and their ex-spouses to decide on the visitation schedule. An agreement or parenting plan must be approved by the court with the guidance of your divorce law firm or family attorney Miami before it is enforced.

Fathers’ Rights In Florida? Do They Have Any?

Yes, they do. Florida has fought brutal battles for men’s parity regarding their children.

There has been a total change in Florida law regarding arrangements for time-sharing awarded in paternity cases and divorce. Now with a “parenting plan,” where duties for every aspect of the children’s well-being must be spelled out.

And both parents agree on the way to get involved in their children’s lives.

Is A Father Allowed Custody Of Their Children In Florida?

This is a frequent question asked during a divorce consultation. It is erratic for either to have sole parental control and responsibility.

However, it is possible. For a court to grant complete control to either parent, it must be determined that shared parental obligation would damage the children.

Therefore, if a father wants full custody in Florida, he must prove and show that giving any parental obligations to the mother would be harmful to the children with the assistance of a divorce law firm.

Fathers Rights In Florida After A Divorce In Miami, 

Fathers’ rights in Florida legally grant you a “Parenting Plan and Time-Sharing Schedule ” this requires that the court reflect the best interest of the child or children when the court is deciding about a custody case.

It may sound simple, it doesn’t because it involves many complicated factors. That is why you need legal assistance from the divorce law firm.

Factors To Consider During A Divorce In Miami And Determination of Fathers Rights In Florida 

  • The parent’s moral fitness
  • Duration the child has lived in a satisfactory and stable environment and the possibility of maintaining continuity.
  • The demonstrated disposition and capacity of each parent to encourage and facilitate a close and continuing parent-child relationship,
  • The ability to honor time schedule and to be respectable when changes are required
  • The anticipation division of parental duties after the hearing, including the extent where parental duties would be delegated to third party
  • Demonstrated disposition and capacity of each parent to consider, act upon, and determine the child’s needs as conflicting to the needs or desires of both parents.


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