Is your divorce getting to the point where there needs to be a trail involved? Does this trial involve your child? If so, this can get quite stressful for everyone involved. That is where we come in. Here at Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. we want to make sure you are prepared when the time comes. We are a “family lawyer near me,” who cares. We are a family attorney Miami families can trust. 


It Can Get Scary

Children are allowed to testify at trials, even divorce trials. However, this is something that you want to avoid at all costs. At times, it can get overwhelming for the child involved. They get the sense that they are being put in the middle. It is always best to avoid putting your child in the middle of a dispute between you and your spouse. If this can’t be avoided, there are ways to allow your child to have a say in the custody or visitation matter without putting them on the witness stand.


What To Expect: Advice From a Family Lawyer Near Me 

Sometimes the testimony of a child is needed. When a judge determines that a child is old enough to give testimony, there are different ways for the child to be heard. A judge may speak directly to a child either in open court or privately in chambers.


If your child takes the stand, both attorneys will be able to ask questions. The judge will usually require the attorneys to use more restraint then they would when questioning a typical witness. If the judge wants to interview your child in chambers, the attorneys can provide the judge with questions that they would like the judge to ask.


A child may state that they want to live with one parent over another. Even if a child does not give a direct preference, they can give the court information as to which parent does more of the parenting duties. A child may be able to give insight into whether a parent has a substance abuse problem or another type of parenting concern.


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