If you need to find a “family lawyer near me” to help with a situation you’re in, you may be wondering what exactly a typical day looks like for a family lawyer. Before going in for your Miami family law attorney free consultation, it is critical that you understand what to expect from their firm and the lawyer. Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A in Miami can help explain what a typical day looks like for a family lawyer and what you should expect from your time with them. 


Everything You Need to Know Before Finding a Family Lawyer Near Me

If you’ve scheduled a Miami family law attorney free consultation, you may be wondering what working with this type of lawyer is going to be like. Being prepared before you go in can help alleviate some of the stress that you may be feeling before your meeting. 


A family attorney works within a firm and represents clients with issues such as divorce, prenuptial agreements, cases involving children, and matters of inheritance and wills. The first step in dealing with a family lawyer is meeting with them for an interview, and then they will research your case in preparation to present it in court. 


Usually, a family lawyer will be in the office by nine in the morning and will work until about six at night; this can change every day, depending on the amount of work that has to get done on a given day. The majority of an attorney’s day is spent talking and communicating with their clients. This may include current clients that have cases ongoing, potential clients, or updates with past clients. The family lawyer will discuss all of the outcomes of each hearing that happens concerning your case. Many times a family lawyer will be a part of a team within their firm or practice. This means that there are a number of attorneys that handle the same cases, which means they can have meetings with multiple clients at once. A family attorney may also need to communicate with experts in other fields to gain insight and information about an aspect of your case. This tends to happen in more complex cases. There is a significant amount of office and paperwork that needs to get done each day by a family lawyer. Their day is usually split between answering communications with clients, colleagues, and other lawyers as well as drafting paperwork that needs to get done for their files and the courts. For instance, if a lawyer has met with you already, they may need to dictate your declaration. A family lawyer may also spend time researching other cases from the past in order to form new arguments when presenting in court. Naturally, there will be days that a family attorney will have to go argue in court before a judge. Before this happens, the lawyer will have prepared an argument and outline what they plan to say.


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