It’s no secret that emotions play an enormous role in divorces. Anyone who is currently going through a divorce should know that Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. is here to help guide you through all of the emotional baggage that is likely following your divorce journey. We understand how difficult it can be to go through a divorce. Let alone, a messy divorce. All divorces are different, but emotions are always somehow involved. While we sympathize with anyone experiencing a challenging divorce, we want your divorce to carry out as smoothly as possible, which means that you have to learn how to put your emotions aside. Remember, a divorce is not an emotional battle that you have to win but rather an agreement between two people to no longer share a legally binding contract. Therefore, it’s important to not get over emotional when you are in and out of court. Our Family Law Lawyers have seen a lot of divorce in Miami, so they know how to handle it. Take our advice because we are the best in Miami!


Advice From Family Law Lawyers

You are probably wondering how to cope with your emotions during a divorce so they do not get the best of you. Even though this is difficult to truly understand during a messy divorce, there is one main idea to keep in mind. Your divorce is carried out based on facts and not on emotions. Many people often have the idea that their partner won in court because of the sob story they told the judge, or because they cried and played the victim card. We are here to tell you that none of this ever happens. The judge bases his decisions on factual information only. In fact, some judges even try to instigate fights between couples! Think of the worst-case scenario for a divorcing couple. The husband had an affair with another woman and his partner tells this to the judge in hopes that the judge will grant her more privileges for the divorce. Out of all the divorce in Miami that our lawyers have seen, we can assure you that this will not accomplish anything. 


How To Cope With Your Emotions

Even if you know that emotions are hindering your divorce situation in some way, we understand how difficult it is to truly cope with them. Here are some tips from us on how to do so: 

  • Resolve any emotional problems with a mediator 
  • Remember that no judge truly makes decisions based on emotions even if that’s how it seems 
  • Fighting with your partner makes your situation worse every time 
  • All divorces are different
  • Nobody is responsible for your emotions except you 
  • Letting your emotions take over only makes you look bad and not your partner. 
  • Don’t hold regrets or grudges 
  • Think optimistically about your future without your partner 


We Are Here To Help

You are not the only person who is going through a divorce in Miami. However, this does not make your divorce any easier. We want you to know that we are here to help you in any way we can. That is why we offer the advice that we do. We want you to feel like you have as much support as possible even though we are not with you in person. 


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Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. are professional Family Law Lawyers who know the best ways to cope with emotions during a divorce. We want your divorce to carry out as smoothly as possible, which is why we offer advice on not letting your emotions beat you. Call or visit us today in Miami for more information.