Divorce is a challenging experience, not only for the spouses, but children as well. For them, it is much more difficult to cope. How you approach this subject with your children will have a major impact on their ability to perceive the coming challenges and how to adjust to them. 

It is imperative that you plan this conversation with your spouse if you are able to, or have a way to talk to your children that will help them be open with you. Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. has you covered with these helpful tips as your family law lawyer in Miami.

Family Law Lawyer Tips

Although it will be an uphill battle to collaborate with your spouse, the children must come first before your fights to hear the news from you both. Keep in mind that their needs need to be before yours, so it’s important to set aside your differences and show a united front on this decision. It will make a large difference for your children to see this.

You and your spouse need to keep in mind while breaking this news is to never play the blame game. You both have strong opinions who may be at fault in your situation, but your children will not benefit to see you pointing fingers. You must show some restraint.

Plan a time that is appropriate for the conversation, usually for the kids to ask questions and process the information. The weekend is typically the best time to discuss the matter.

Things To Consider

To easy the children’s anxieties, be specific about what they can expect in their future. You might not have all the answers now, but share what you can to help them.

  • Make sure they understand it was nothing they did to influence the decision. It sounds common to you, but children experience guilt in these situations and need to hear it outloud.
  • Let your children hear that the marriage is ending, but your love for them remains the same.
  • Don’t go into detail about the ending or where blame triggers may be, but explain that it’s happening. Simply state that you and your spouse will be happier apart because you cannot fix the relationship.

Before the conversation stars, go over what you’ll say with your spouse and quickly review. You don’t have to write out a script, but agree on key points you wish to address.

During This Difficult Time, We’re Here For You

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