Many legal situations become messy when they are not handled properly. Here at Arturo R. Alfonso, we provide information regarding how alimonies can be closed. We want to make sure that you know all the details regarding alimonies no matter what your situation is. We understand that there are endless situations out there that people are dealing with every day. However, they might not know that certain events will automatically terminate their alimonies. These events are likely remarriage, cohabitation with another individual, or a death. The recipient of these events often triggers the termination, and we want to make sure that you know why. For example, say you hire a family law attorney. They will tell you which details and conditions of your situation will cause automatic termination of your alimony. In other words, the agreement of your divorce or any other situation you might be in is essential. Divorce in Miami is more common than you think, so we want to be there for you every step of the way. We are the best in Miami!


Advice From A Family Law Attorney On The Details Of Termination 


You are probably wondering the specifics of how your alimony can be automatically terminated. Well, there are two significant events that can trigger this. One event is cohabitation with someone else. Courts can terminate the alimony of its recipient if they see fit to do so. That is to say, if the circumstances of the cohabitation change the needs of the person’s financial situation, then the court will make the decision to terminate for alimony. They might also simply suspend or alter the alimony in some way. Another event is when someone remarries. We want to stress the importance of specifying the details of the person’s previous divorce, so their alimony is not terminated without them knowing why. Both the recipient and the person involved are held responsible for this situation. In the event of a divorce in Miami, we always have the best interest of our clients, so they are not left in the dark. 


How To Stay On Top Of The Details 


Just because you might be familiar with why alimonies are terminated, does not mean you don’t lose track of your situation every once in a while. Here are some tips from us to make sure you know your current situation like the back of your hand:

  • Make sure you know who the recipient is
  • Read the fine print carefully on all agreements 
  • Make sure you consent to the agreement you are involved in 
  • Keep track of many major changes during the events that trigger alimony termination 
  • Make sure you are maintaining your financial obligations 
  • Have proof in case it’s needed 


We Are Here For You 


Our team of experts puts you as our top priority. We want to make sure that if you are going through a divorce in Miami that you have all the tools you need in regards to your alimony. We want you to know all the complicated details that are easily lost when it comes to alimony termination. It’s important to us that you know the logistics with your current situation, and you feel confident with them. 


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