Family-related cases can be messy and range from divorce, child or spousal support, child custody, restraining orders, premarital agreements, wills, and even estate planning. That said, getting the best legal representation is crucial for favorable results.

You need to ask the right questions whether you will call a family attorney Miami by phone or meet face-to-face during the first consultation. Besides, sharing your personal details is not exactly a preferred situation when the family is involved, but the right and trustworthy counsel can make it easier for you.


Questions for your family attorney in Miami

Establishing the best family attorney, Miami incorporates asking the pertinent questions below.


How experienced are you with family law cases?

If you can’t prepare a list of questions, ensure you ask this one. The best law firm should have decades of experience in similar cases to be familiar with the ins and outs and give you a better standing. If they practice family law exclusively, that’s promising. Go further and ask how many cases like yours they have taken to trials and the outcomes. Don’t fall for the ‘many’ answer; ask the precise number. Trial experience is super important, especially if your case involves a complex marital matter.


What’s your means of communication? Emails or phone calls?

Once you know the answer, let them rate their responsiveness. You want someone responsive for reliability. This way, you feel that they are with you every step of the way through constant communication on any new developments.


Will you work on my case? Or do you have a team?

Law firms typically work in teams and may include paralegals and other support consultants. The good news is it will save you money for the comprehensive service you will receive, and besides, they will likely meet your specifications. For instance, a financial advisor will come in handy if it’s about divorce and dividing assets. However, you have to be fully involved in your case, so ask about the experience of the support associates, and most importantly, how much they will cost.


What’s your fee?

As you search for the best family law attorney Miami FL, you need to consider the costs involved in advance. You wouldn’t want bills that will send chills down your spine. While you may want to go the affordable way, remember that cheap is sometimes expensive. Also, ask if they apply retainers. It is the fee paid to secure the lawyer’s services. There is no exact amount for retainers as different firms charge differently. Additionally, it has to do with the case—the more complex it is, the higher the costs. Remember to inquire about any additional costs like filing fees.


What are the possible outcomes of my case?

For starters, you are hiring a lawyer because you have certain expectations. At this point, you probably wish their reply would favor you, but fish for honesty. They should tell you what to expect and if you can settle your case out of court.


Important questions to ask family attorney Miami

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