It’s hard enough to go through a divorce, but it’s even harder to figure out the exact steps to take when following through with one. Here at Arturo R. Alfonso, we provide a timeline for those going through divorces, so they better understand how to carry it out. Our priority is to make sure that you feel as comfortable as you can during this difficult time because we understand the struggle of taking the next steps. Our family attorney has constructed a step by step guide for those struggling with the complicated legal matters that go into the process of divorce. It’s frustrating enough, but it can become even more frustrating in the event of delays or unexpected news you knew nothing about. Luckily, our timeline will provide you with all of the information you need regarding the next steps in a divorce situation. Our team of professionals provides simple and clear guidelines of what to do during a divorce, so it is not as overwhelming as it may seem. Stop searching for “Miami law firms near me” because we are the best in Miami!


What Is The Timeline From Our Family Attorney 

You are probably wondering what a divorce timeline actually entails.  First: Hire a lawyer to construct a petition regarding the reason for the divorce. Make sure it settles custody and financial concerns. Second: The lawyer files the petition. Third: The lawyer makes sure that both parties involved in the divorce are satisfied with their agreements. Fourth: The spouse who is served must answer yes or no to the agreement on the petition. This will sort out any unexpected complications as early as possible. Fifth: The soon-to-be-divorced couple interchanges documents regarding income and property divisions. Sixth: In the event of any major disagreements, the couple can sort out their issues with someone monitoring their conversation. Some areas require this! Seventh: Once a decision is reached, the couple presents their agreement to a judge. This judge will ask simple questions to ensure that the couple is in full agreement. Eighth: The judge either approves or disapproves of the agreement, and the couple proceeds from there with or without edits. Ninth: A trial occurs where lawyers argue for each party regarding custody, financial, or property concerns. Tenth: Finally, the couple approves or disapproves of the judge’s final decision. However, couples usually agree due to all of the previous work they put in. Don’t search for “Miami law firms near me” when you can take our advice during your divorce. 


Aspects To Consider When Divorcing 

In order to make your divorce easier, here is a list of certain aspects to consider when following through with a divorce: 

  • Consider a new living situation if you do not have property rights 
  • Think about a custody agreement that you’re satisfied with if you have kids 
  • Sort out your personal finances 
  • Consider how long it might take to get divorced 
  • Speak to people you feel comfortable with such as friends and family 
  • Be as cordial as possible with your partner 
  • Follow our timeline to help the divorce happen sooner! 


We Are Here For You

We understand that going through a divorce is not easy. That is why we provide as much information as we can regarding divorces so you can feel as comfortable and supported as possible without us physically being with you. Don’t bother searching for “Miami law firms near me” because you have all the information you need regarding divorces. We are here to help you!


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