Miami locals continuously choose Arturo’s services because his firm has superior attention to detail and customer service second to none. Arturo’s firm specializes in many legal areas such as litigation, real estate law, divorce settlements, and civil mediation. He offers personalized, committed legal representation at competitive rates. This firm even helps businesses and people file for bankruptcy. He also focuses on wills, trusts, and more. Arturo also has the accolades to back up his service. He’s a member of the Cuban American Bar Association and the US District Court. As a member of the Florida Bar Association, he is also associated with the Family Law and Real Estate branches. Are you encountering issues in your family? Perhaps with your spouse? Maybe they’ve been inconsiderate to your feelings or mean. Perhaps you married early in the heat of the moment. Do you think your partner has been unfaithful, and you want them gone? Well, if you do, then you’re not alone. There are plenty of families like yours. The need for a “family attorney,” is common in Miami. People search, “Miami family law attorney free consultation,” all the time. Attorney Arturo R. Alfonso has been providing legal service in Miami for over twenty-five years. 


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Plenty of people have thought about divorce. With you reading this page, the chances that you are thinking of divorce are high too. You’re not alone, and Arturo understands this. He’ll do all he needs to do to make you feel comfortable with your decision. There’s no judging in this firm. Divorce is common in Florida, but take it from the people living in Florida. Plenty of people search for “Miami family law attorney free consultation.” The divorce rate across the state. The following divorce rates following will be focused on the number of divorced people today. People make plenty of mistakes when searching for an attorney.


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Joint physical custody does not mean that the children must spend exactly half the time with each parent. Usually the children spend a little more time with 1 parent than the other because it is too hard to split the time exactly in half. When 1 parent has the children more than half of the time, then that parent is sometimes called the “primary custodial parent.” The best way to find an attorney is to look before you need one. Why wait till the last minute. Problems arise whenever and wherever, so why not be prepared with Arturo. Be aware of attorneys that guarantee victory. No attorney knows the outcome because judges and juries decide that. Find a specialist near you like us. Don’t choose one based on TV ads. 


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Family attorney” is searched more often than you think, so don’t feel disappointed about it. Our firm shames no clients when it comes to touchy family subjects such as this. When you think of “Miami family law attorney free consultation,” think of Arturo. Arturo has been doing this for twenty-five years, and he doesn’t plan on slowing down. Though he may be up in age, he offers better service than anyone older or younger than himself at competitive rates. Don’t forget this firm provides help with more than just divorce, though. Arturo also works with wills, trusts, bankruptcy, litigation, real estate law, and more. Our customer service and attention to detail set us apart from any other firm. Call us today or visit our contact page for more information.