Are you currently going through a divorce, but you are worried that you may lose all of your money? This is a very common worry. There are many times when individuals are going through this tough time, that they are scared they will lose everything. At Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. we are here to make sure that you get all the information you need when it comes to divorce property settlement. This is why you can trust our family attorney. We are located in Miami.


You Won’t Lose Everything

Many people worry that they will “lose everything” in a divorce. The truth is that it is the judge’s task to ensure that neither party leaves the marriage destitute. The term for what the judge will try to do is “equitable distribution.” That is, the judge will determine what he/she believes is equitable, or fair, under the circumstances. The overwhelming number of judges before whom I have appeared have been very thoughtful and deliberate in reaching their decisions. The key then is to present your case in an effective manner.


So, how do you prepare to not lose everything? Well, for starters, be realistic. If a property or a bank account was acquired during the marriage, then it will likely be deemed marital and be evenly divided. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the account is all yours because it was kept in your name alone. It doesn’t matter if it was “your” money which was used to acquire the property in question.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as “my” money if that money was obtained during the marriage. Whatever you acquired after you said “I do,” will likely belong to the marriage, even if all the money came from “your” hard work.


We Will Help With A Divorce Property Settlement

If you have decided to separate and dissolve your marriage, Miami, FL divorce lawyer Arturo R. Alfonso will handle your legal divestment professionally. As a certified circuit civil mediator, we focus on helping you navigate the legal separation of property and finances. Above all, we make it a priority to protect your rights and interests.


Our law firm will help you consider the financial, medical and emotional implications of divorce. We will further mitigate the stress throughout this process and communicate with your spouse on your behalf if you prefer.


Distinguished attorney Arturo R. Alfonso has more than 25 years experience representing clients throughout the Miami, FL area. With a reputation for success, he is well versed in the areas of family, bankruptcy, and real estate law. Attorney Alfonso offers reasonable rates, aggressive representation, and personalized support from the first handshake, and is committed to your satisfaction.


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