Divorce can get quite complicated, especially if you have no idea what you are doing. There are many questions that pop into your head that you need answers to. However, you must make sure you ask the right ones. Every second counts in your meeting and you want to make sure you don’t waste time. Here at Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. our experts are here to make sure you get all the information you need from our divorce lawyers. Check out our Miami family law attorney free consultation today!


The Initial Meeting

When meeting with a divorce lawyer for an initial consultation, it’s beneficial to obtain as much information as possible. Maximizing your time requires that you prepare a list of questions you need answers to before your meeting. If you fail to prepare and forget to inquire about vital information, you may end up having to pay the attorney to answer those questions at a later time. Generally, your questions will likely relate to financial and child custody issues.


Questions To Ask Your Divorce Lawyers

Here is a list of essential questions you should as a divorce attorney when you meet them for the first time: 

  • Questions about communication:
    • How often will we communicate about my case?
    • How will we communicate with each other?
    • What communication should I have with my spouse about the issues you and I discuss?
  • Questions about the security of the file and access:
    • How will you keep my file secure?
    • How will I have access to my file?
    • Are there portions of my file I cannot view?
  • Questions about reference and reviews:
    • Will you offer references from previous clients?
    • Are all of the reviews and testimonials on your website from former clients?
  • Questions about the delegation of responsibility
    • What people at the law office will work on my case?
    • Who makes court appearances on my case?
  • Questions about the cost of divorce:
    • How much will my divorce cost?
    • What can I do to control the cost of the divorce?
    • What are the steps my spouse may take to increase the cost of the divorce?
  • Questions about reasonable results and expectations:
    • How does the court typically rule on issues such as those in my divorce?
    • After stating the issue about which you have a question, ask the attorney what the law specifically states about that issue.
  • Questions about living arrangements:
    • Should I move out of the family home or should my spouse do so?
    • Can I kick my spouse out of the house?
  • Questions about temporary orders:
    • What temporary orders should I seek?
    • How does the process of getting a temporary order work?
  • Questions about child custody and parenting time:
    • What is legal custody?
    • What is physical custody?
    • What child custody and parenting plan makes sense for my case based on everything I told you?
  • Questions about spousal support:
    • How much can I expect to receive in spousal support?
    • Is spousal support modifiable during the divorce?
    • Will we need to hire a forensic accountant to help with the alimony determination?


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