Unfortunately, divorce can be a far too often by-product of marriage. Divorce has been on the rise for many years, all for varying reasons and decreased stigmas. Every divorce has a story, and the decision to end a marriage is never made lightly, by either party involved. If you’re going through a divorce and don’t know where to turn, read on to find the divorce lawyers in Miami that you need to get through this tough decision. 


Divorce in Miami

The difficult call to end a marriage can happen to any couple of any age, race, or orientation. The majority of divorce seemed centered around the shorter marriages, most under a few years, where there may have been compatibility issues or the couples were very young when they married. 


But in recent years, there is a growing number of older couples seeking divorce in Miami, and it may have something to do with Americans living longer. In fact, the rate of over-50 year old couples going through divorce doubled during the 1990s, and the rate of over-65 year old couples also seeking divorce has tripled since then. With 4.5 million adults over 65 living in Florida, the chances of these “grey” divorces are only expected to rise. 


Divorce Lawyers in Miami

If you or your partner have made the decision to end your marriage and seek divorce, where do you begin? What are some steps to consider in the process? When searching for a divorce lawyer, you need to know what you want both legally and emotionally from them, and don’t settle for less. Knowing what level of support you want from your lawyer will help aid in the divorce process, allowing them to do their job while you can take handle of the situation. 


Each lawyer will conduct themselves differently, sometimes taking a more meditative approach while others encourage courtroom appearances. Decide for yourself and your family which one you would prefer and look for those lawyers first. Doing your research on each lawyer and firm will give you the edge in deciding who would handle your case the best, and help streamline the whole process from start to finish.


If you feel you have found the right lawyer or firm, don’t feel pressured to jump right in, especially if it’s the first firm you research. It’s recommended to visit at least three firms to make sure you feel comfortable with your choice, and that there isn’t something you may have missed with your first choice. You don’t have to rush your divorce and proceedings, so be thorough.


Interviewing your lawyers and firm should also be done with care and completeness. You want a lawyer who will handle your divorce in Miami with the utmost respect, and help deliver the best outcome for you and your family. Make sure the lawyer’s goals and objectives align with yours, and confirm that there’s a real concern for you and your case, and that they aren’t promising too much (which may be too good to be true).  


Staying focused on what’s important and not can be a huge stressor throughout your divorce, so stay positive. Your lawyer can help you navigate through all the tribulations of the divorce proceedings, and help keep you focused as well. Keep in mind the location of your lawyer or firm, too, as this will be important since divorces can take months, sometimes years, to complete. 


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Divorce is a messy, complicated affair, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Finding the right divorce lawyers in Miami that give you the confidence and knowledge to tackle your divorce can be a life changer. Contact the offices of Arturo R. Alfonso P.A. today to get the right divorce lawyer for you and your family.