Going through the process of finding a divorce lawyer and an actual divorce in Miami is one of the most challenging things anyone can ever go through in their life. Even during the divorce consultation, you will probably keep having nightmares as you try to maneuver through the courts and divorce process.

But, even after getting a divorce in Miami, the battle is not over yet. You now have to start moving on, and one of the best ways to move on is to restore your maiden name. This is a long process that may take longer than you think.

These Steps Can Help You Through Changing Your Name After a Divorce in Miami

The Name Change Order

Once you have received your divorce decree, the same Divorce lawyer should ensure that they have an order to legally change your name. What you need along with your identification is proof of age, so you can be legal to make this change.

Step 1: Informing the Court

Start by fully listing your full names plus the maiden name on the petition for dissolution of marriage. Again your divorce lawyer should guide you on this.

Step 2: Obtaining the Certified Copy

Once you receive the final judgment in your case, then, you need to get the certified copies. Visit the clerk’s office 24 hours after the final hearing. This is at the Main Courthouse in West Palm Beach. Get these certified copies as soon as possible and don’t take more than thirty days to do so.

Step 3: Updating your SSC- Social Security Card

Updating your name with the SSA should be done as soon as possible. You can change the name with the SSA in person or through the mail. You cannot however change your name online. Here’s what they will need;

  • A completed Form ss-5 for application of social security card.
  • A certified document for name change such as a divorce decree, marriage certificate, or court order.
  • Proof of identities such as your US passport, US driver’s license, or your State-issued ID.
  • Proof of Citizenship.

These should also all be original documents or certified copies.

Step 4: Updating your Florida ID/ Driver’s License

Once you change your name, then update your Florida ID or Driving License within the next ten days.

You will need all of the above documents and a payment of $25 fee.

Again, all the documents should be originals or certified copies.

Step 5: All the other Institutions

You will also need to let all other institutions and agencies that you intend to change your name. Give them your new legal name that has changed. E.g., you will need to change your name with all of your banks and all other agencies or businesses that you do business with. Generally, you will be required to show them the divorce decree or the new SSC with your new name.