Figuring out how to pick the correct divorce lawyer is probably the last thing you want to think about during your divorce process. And yet it will probably be one of the most crucial decisions you make during this time. Arturo R. Alfonso Law is here to help you through that process. We are one of the Miami area’s top attorneys in Family Law, having settled disputes from alimony to child custody to annulments, and everything in between. Consult with the experts today! Call now to schedule a free case evaluation.

How Does A Lawyer Help?

Some may wonder what exactly they need a lawyer for in this process. Even if the split is cordial, there are many factors that go into filing for a divorce. There are many laws to keep in mind, many procedures that must be followed, and you will probably want legal aid and advice. The entire situation becomes even more complicated when children are involved. Furthermore, even if you and your spouse start out the split amicably, there will likely be disagreements over a number of things that you will need help from a third party to sort out. When you’re looking for divorce lawyers in Miami free consultation is always a good place to start to see if your chosen lawyer will be good at delegating in your interests.

What To Look For In A Divorce Lawyer

The first step to finding the right lawyer for you is some background research. The best kind of lawyer for this kind of case is one who specifically practices Family Law, and one who has practiced it extensively, making them best equipped to argue your case and give you seasoned advice.

The next step will be to schedule a consultation. As divorce lawyers in Miami free consultation is always a big part of how we at Arturo R. Alfonso Law begin to build that well-needed foundation of trust.

During this first meeting you will want to look for someone who is attentive, honest, and compassionate. In short, they should make you feel comfortable. They should also be responsive to your unique needs. A good way to check for this in the advice they give when answering your questions: have they truly been listening, or are they just giving you a standard run-down?

Our last piece of advice is to shop around, sit down with other lawyers and compare. For many divorce lawyers in Miami free consultation can often be standard, so it’s a good platform to get to know what kind of lawyer they are. However, many find themselves coming back to Arturo R. Alfonso because of our ample experience, attention to detail, and extensive knowledge in the field of family law.

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Arturo R. Alfonso Law has practiced Family Law in Miami for more than 25 years, making some of the most experienced attorneys in the area. When you’re in the middle of one of the most stressful and emotional processes of your life, you’re going to want a divorce lawyer you can count on. Schedule your free consultation with us today, and we’ll give you a reason to count on us.