After a marriage is dissolved, one spouse has to pay alimony to the other during and after the divorce. This concept has been there for ages. However, one common question that is asked many times is whether the spouse can modify or change the alimony payment or not. Changing alimony payment is possible, but you have to do that with legal assistance under certain circumstances. If you want to change the alimony payment and are looking for a” divorce lawyer near me,” then contact Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A today. We are a family law firm that the locals trust.


Changing the Amount and Duration of Alimony payment in Florida:

After a marriage ends, one spouse has to pay a certain amount to the other for their well-being. The person providing support is called the obligor, and the person receiving the support is called the obligee. It is a legal obligation on the person to support their spouse financially even after divorce. At the time of marriage, A certain sum is decided that is paid to the obligee as per agreement. In case of variations in the circumstances of the life of either spouse, the other can demand a change in the payment. This modification is given only under certain circumstances and followed by some proof.


The setting of Alimony payment: 

There are different types of alimony. The most common is temporary spousal support that helps the other spouse with divorce-related expenses like divorce lawyer fees. Another type of alimony is Term Alimony that is usually capped at the duration of the marriage and is sometimes available. However, this type of alimony requires that the requesting spouse must prove a financial need to receive this alimony.

Then there is Long-term Alimony which is a form of post-divorce income redistribution. The spouse must prove that they have some disability due to which they cannot support themselves financially.


Circumstances Leading to A modification in Alimony payment:

Change in the alimony payment can only be demanded when facing financial hardship or indicating that their assets, income, or jobs are different. There are certain instances in which the ex-spouses demand a modification in the alimony without any necessary proof. That is why this is a matter that should be taken up with professionals who can help you get your rights. Search for an” alimony lawyer near me “and hire a lawyer who can help you modify the alimony payment.

However, in case the obligee remarries, it would terminate the alimony obligation. According to the laws of Florida, even if the obligee is in a marriage-type relation, it can also prompt a judge in terminating the spouse’s alimony payment.

Another reason for modifying the alimony payment is a change in income, whether an increase or decrease; however, the requesting spouse must show that the change is permanent and involuntary.

One reason can be the retirement of the obligor. With the retirement, the obligor is no longer obligated to pay any spousal support to the obligee.

However, whatever the circumstance might be, it should be significant enough for a modification. A slight change may not support your case.

An important thing to know when requesting modification is to have proper supporting evidence to suggest a need for a change in the alimony. Otherwise, your request would be a waste of time, money, and resources. You need to have hardcore proof, a simple request like, “I am not getting enough money” or “I am paying too much money “wouldn’t be enough to support your claim.


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