Getting a divorce doesn’t have to be a difficult process.The ins and outs of learning the legal system, ontop of legal fees, documentation, more paperwork, the list goes on. Most divorcing spouses wish to avoid any expense and stress of a long legal process, and while going online is tempting, it may not address your needs. We can address MIami’s unique needs at Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A., as your personalized attorney for advice, protect your interests, and make this process as easy as possible for you. As your divorce lawyer, we have the experience, expertise, and knowledge to get you through any complex case.


Why A Divorce Lawyer is the Better Option


Online services pose a risk as to when you can get service. Most services are limited by how many cases they can handle in their firm. For example, if you’re going through a contested diroce, this option is not for you. Even uncontested, the service will not be able to detect hidden assets your spouse may be hiding from you. However, an attorney will know where to look, what to look for, and secure your fair share of assets.


Another reason a lawyer is a better option is compared to online services, is that most do not keep an attorney present on staff. Which means your paperwork is not reviewed by one staff member. There is a chance paralegal will look over your divorce information. While this cuts back on costs for online services, and may be cheaper for you, it will not produce the desired results on your divorce case.


Lastly, not all websites are legitimate businesses, and it is tricky to know which are safe to use. Considering the personal information shared with documentation while filing divorce paperwork, if it’s a scam, you risk your identity being stolen.


Secure with an Attorney


Divorce cases can be complex and need an experienced hand. Online services will always draw appeal with cheaper prices, but cannot compete with the value of an experienced attorney. We serve your better interests and will advise on what type of action is needed and offer security for your assets. 


Online services also may not work in all areas. While it is perfectly legal to fill out your information for these services, the drawback is the areas that require more explicit forms. For example, the additional fees paid to the court, and if extra or additional items are required, chances are the online services won’t know about it and cause delays in your case. 


Take Action with Trusted Advisors


With Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A., we protect your interests and assets. We make sure any complex cases are easy to understand while advising you on the best course of action. Never worry if you’re being scammed with online services, or wonder if they’re familiar with your state laws in Miami. We’re the divorce lawyer that you need to address your unique needs and situation. Call us today for more information and we’ll answer all questions.