Are you or someone you know in Miami involved in a senior divorce? As people get older and evolve, their relationships can change in substantial ways. Sometimes these differences are irreconcilable. We understand that ending a marriage is never easy. Often it is wrought with unforeseen issues involving children, finances, property, and much more. When seniors seek the assistance of a divorce law firm, there are unique complications that arise as well. We at Arturo R. Alfonsa, P.A. are here to illustrate a few of the common issues that come up when a senior couple pursues a divorce.

Our Divorce Law Firm Will Manage Expectations   

One of the easiest traps to fall into in a senior divorce are unmanaged expectations. It’s easy to feel secure financially when you’ve been married for decades and used to a certain standard of life. When proceedings happen, it’s very common for your sense of financial security to suddenly turn upside down. In one alarming statistic, 19 percent of unmarried seniors are reported to be impoverished. While only 4 percent of married seniors are in poverty. 

Insurance Complications

If and when you are shopping around at Miami law firms for a divorce, make sure you bring up the issue of health insurance. A major problem can arise when insurance payments or bills are unresolved in a divorce. This can be particularly daunting if only one of the partners typically handled these issues during the marriage. 

Social Security

If you’re over 62 years old, chances are you’re collecting the monthly social security entitlement. When you’re married, you can not only get your spouse’s monthly check if they die, but sometimes you are entitled to a part of your ex-spouse’s social security payment after a divorce. This can be accomplished without garnishing the exes benefits. Talk to a reputable law firm and learn more about this common issue.   

Update Estate Plans

You will also want to discuss your plans for long-term care facilities in Miami and final wishes before signing divorce papers. Talk to your law firm about how the estate will be split up in the case of your death. It’s advised to make these arrangements both during the divorce proceedings, and then revisit these plans afterwards. Don’t forget to factor in the prospect of long term medical care into this equation as well. 


The retirement account you and your ex-spouse were drawing from will be impacted as well. Be sure to go over the retirement accounts you have jointly and individually, as different accounts are taxed differently. For example, a Roth IRA has already paid its share of taxes and the individual will not be penalized for withdrawing funds in the future. However, a 401k is not taxed at the beginning, thus future withdrawals will be penalized.   

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Divorce is never easy, but when you have a reputable law firm like Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. on your side the process will unfurl much more smoothly. Contact our Miami office today for more information on senior divorce. Put your best legal foot forward when you call us!