Getting a divorce in Miami is one of the most challenging things to go through as a person. Not only does it signify the end of a relationship, but when children and finances are involved, it can become quite challenging. Here’s some information about Miami divorce;


Cost of Divorce Miami

In Miami, Florida, the approximate cost of divorce is around $13,500, when there are no children involved, and approx. $20,300 with children. According to USA Today, the actual cost of a Miami Divorce can vary greatly when you include other factors such as the cost of a Miami Divorce Lawyer, the property in question, and others.

In actual sense, it could go up by several hundred dollars and even over $100,000 when you include a Divorce lawyer Miami.


Here are a Few Issues to Consider


The number of issues the parties are contesting or disagreeing with will undoubtedly affect the cost of a Miami divorce. For example, child custody issues, child support, alimony, division of property, etc. The more the disagreements, the more time you will need for court intervention.


Net worth

The dissolution of marriage without any assets like retirement and real estate accounts can be much simpler and even less expensive than where significant investments are in contest. As a result, a Miami Divorce with property will be costlier.



When minor children are involved in the Miami divorce, costs will be relatively high. A good Miami divorce lawyer will help both parties in court regarding custody battles. When your net worth is high, then the cost of the divorce will also be extremely high.



The willingness of both parties to cooperate with the divorce can also have a significant impact on the cost of a Miami divorce. This is because the more time you spend disagreeing and dragging the case out in court, the more expensive the divorce shall be.


The Attorney’s Approach

Unfortunately, a Miami divorce lawyer may be tempted to drive up the cost by being prone to litigation and court involvement, but this will only increase the price. Therefore, it is essential to note that some divorce lawyers will do this intentionally, and you should always be on the lookout.


Divorce Filing Fees in Miami

Each court in Florida will require you to file for a dissolution of marriage, which will necessitate a fee. This is the money you pay to have your divorce processed and recorded by the court. This is, in fact, the process that makes a divorce in Miami legal.

The approximate filing fees for a divorce in Miami are $350 and $400. It also depends on the county. Check with the county clerk’s office for more on this.