We understand that getting a divorce can be a very emotionally stressful time for people. However, the stress does not just end there. Many financial pressures are associated with divorce expenses, and money management can be a real task during a divorce. At Arturo R. Alfonso P.A., we try to simplify the divorce period for you as much as we can. With our highly qualified team of lawyers, we have provided people the necessary legal guidance they need during a divorce without making them financially bankrupt.


Is Divorce Expensive?

If you look around, you will realize almost all the famous divorce cases have been the center of the glamorized world and are always very expensive. Hiring high-end lawyers can often be very draining financially. If someone were to tell you that their divorce has drained their bank account, there is a very high chance that they are speaking the truth. Regardless of whether your life is in the spotlight or not, a divorce is bound to have a significant effect on your life, including the incremental costs of living after the divorce.


The Do’s and Don’ts while getting a Divorce

While you are in the procedure of getting your divorce finalized, there are certain things that you must do to ensure that your divorce expenses are not sky-rocketing to achieve better money management during a divorce. The very first thing is to separate yourself from your partner and to create a distance. The following smart step would be to consult a legal attorney who will assist your case and help you make the most out of this divorce.

Moving on, you should settle on the everyday bills that will be incurred during the divorce process. If you have any shared assets with your ex-partner, make sure you decide how to distribute, divide or sell those assets so each party involved can get their fair share. Lastly, make sure you keep your ears and eyes open to any changes made in the case and are aware of any progress.

Cutting ties wholly and instantly with your partner, freezing joint accounts or closing them, increasing the debt you have, discrediting your assets, or ignoring your taxes are things you should avoid doing if you don’t wish to add to the financial stress of getting a divorce.


The cost of getting a divorce

It is natural to not be in an entirely emotionally fit state of mind while getting a divorce so having optimum negotiations is not always possible. Therefore, it is highly recommended to plan out the different financial aspects related to your married life before you get into the process of filing a divorce.

When getting a divorce, make sure that the assets that you and your spouse share are distributed in fair proportions. Regardless of being married or not, the debt you and your spouse took will have to be paid, and for this, you need to make sure you have records of the debt obligations and loans taken. The costs associated with the mortgage, utility bills, and other expenses related to the house should also be considered, in addition to several other things.


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Now that you have a clearer picture of what the divorce expenses look like, we recommend you hire a professional to assist you on your divorce case. We are one of the finest law firms in the city of Miami and would be happy to provide any legal advice related to the matter, which is in the best interests of our clients.