Dealing with a divorce is never easy, even if it is agreed upon by both parties. There are a lot of emotions and financials involved, especially when it comes to hiring and paying for a divorce attorney. That is why it’s important to find a Miami family law attorney free consultation so you can speak with an expert about your situation and find out if you’ll even be responsible for paying for your own lawyer. Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. in Miami can sit down and speak with you about your situation and how they can help!


Hiring & Paying For a Divorce Attorney

Handling a divorce is not always the easiest situation especially when it is a contested divorce, which can end up requiring you to make a number of court appearances, which means your attorney will be charging you more money. That is why sitting down for a Miami family law attorney free consultation is imperative to knowing exactly how much you can expect to spend throughout the process. This is an important step to take before hiring any lawyer to handle your case. Most of the time, each individual is responsible for paying their own legal fees, but there are always exceptions to the rules. For instance, if your spouse has a higher paying job and makes significantly more than you a judge will most likely order them to pay for your lawyer or at least part of your lawyer’s fees to make sure that there is an even playing field and a fair process. It is a common misconception that if one person is at fault for the divorce that they are responsible for paying for the other’s legal fees, but this isn’t the truth. Even if one spouse has committed marital misconduct, like adultery, that caused the divorce, it is very unlikely that a judge would order that person to pay their spouse’s legal fees as a form of punishment. On the other hand, if your spouse tried to drag out and extend the litigation process by filing unnecessary paperwork and motions or by refusing to cooperate with the court, you, or your attorney than the judge may rule that your spouse has to repay you for the money you had to spend. It is uncommon that your spouse would have to pay for all of your legal fees, but they may have to pay you back for your court appearances that were caused because of their unnecessary motions. 


If you find yourself in a situation where your spouse isn’t going to help pay your legal fees, and you don’t have the funds available to hire a good lawyer you may have a few options, but it is important to speak with your lawyer about them first. For example, you may have the ability to cash in a retirement account you have, but if it is something you contributed to during your marriage it is most likely considered marital property, and your spouse may have a right to the money that is in the account. This means a judge will not let you withdraw money from it during the divorce process. You may run into the same problem when trying to liquidate other marital assets that your spouse is entitled to, but a judge can usually help by just deducting the money from what you would get at the end when your divorce is final. Other things to consider are borrowing money from family members or taking out a loan in your name alone. 


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