Dissolving a marriage brings along a significant amount of paperwork the former couple should agree upon before reaching a settlement that suits both parties, granting them the liberty to move into a new chapter of their lives. Things get particularly tangled when the time to split the household items comes. It’s at that moment where the services of a Divorce Attorney are essential to break down and divide the properties. When going through a marital separation, finding divorce lawyers near me, it’s the first step to be taken. In Miami, Arturo R. Alonso, P.A. is the firm you need by your side to get a fair settlement that lets you move forward, feeling comfortable, and secure about the property division. 


How to Break Down and Divide Your Household Possessions During a Marital Dissolution? 

Divorce is a stressful time for all the parties involved. To walk out steadily after the turmoil is finished, without losing your most regarded possessions, it’s crucial to know the fundamental aspects to cover from the early stages of the separation.

  • Classify the assets

List every asset, including household items, heirlooms, gifts, jewelry, clothing, furniture, utensils, and personal belongings. At this stage, you pursue to classify the possessions that won’t be subject to a dispute and clearly will remain to be yours from the items that are likely to be claimed or shared with the spouse.     


  • Estimate the current value

Appraise the monetary value of the properties to know the present worth. The estimated cost of the assets shall be done by an expert and agreed upon by both parties.


  • Prepare a negotiation strategy 

Identify which possessions you’d like to keep from the settlement and work on a negotiation strategy that justifies it. It’s likely to face disagreements during asset division. After all, breaking down and splitting household items is a complicated process of its own happening during the marital dissolution. 


Additionally, you need to privately disclose with your lawyer what are the items you are willing to let go, as a strategy to bargain for those that do interest you.


Powerful Settlement Negotiations Call for an Experienced Divorce Attorney 

Getting a fair settlement worthy of the input and dedication you devoted to the marriage calls for a skillful lawyer that knows how to practice law in the areas of mediation and marital separations. 


If you are struggling to find experienced divorce lawyers near me, see Arturo R. Alonso, P.A., the best law firm to handle your marriage separation case. In Miami, the practice has been active for more than 25 years, terminating marital relationships and providing a one of a kind premium service that goes beyond reaching a financial settlement, aiming to offer a comforting and counseling shoulder during this difficult time. 


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