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How Health Insurance Is Affected

  • Parents Covered by Health Insurance
    • Parents who are covered by health insurance, whether government-sponsored or employer-based, are legally required to make sure that that plan also covers their kids. Coverage must last until the children are no longer eligible for insurance protection. When parents are married, this is fairly simple to guarantee. When parents get divorced, things can become more complicated.
    • After a divorce, parents are required to keep their kids on their healthcare plan. Parents may only stop coverage if the premiums and plan become cost-prohibitive. California law explains that a plan will be considered “cost-prohibitive” if it exceeds 5 percent of a parent’s gross income.
    • If parents fail to keep their children covered by health insurance, they can face some serious legal consequences. Since health insurance is required by law, shirking this responsibility will be considered a breach of child support obligations. This can result in criminal consequences, civil penalties, and well as have a negative impact on custodial rights.
  • Parents Not Covered by Health Insurance
    • A growing number of people are not covered by health insurance. Sometimes this is a personal choice, and sometimes it is the result of an unfortunate turn of events. When you get divorced, the court handling your dispute will review your financial situation and determine whether you can afford to purchase health insurance for your children. If it is not cost-prohibitive, you can be ordered to enroll your child in a health care program. In California, courts may also direct parents to certain government-sponsored health care programs that can be useful in offsetting (or eliminating) the burdensome costs of insurance.


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