Ending relationships is an arduous process. One that involves the emotional breakdown and a lot of heated conversation if you have a child. When things turn out ugly, the court is the only way that can put an end to the argument and take the final call on the child’s custody. When you are looking to get hold of things, legal things start bothering you. This is why legal representation becomes very important. Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A., an experienced family attorney in Miami, tells why you should get a lawyer when fighting for child custody.


Parenting Plan For Child Custody


If you are a couple who wants to share the child’s custody, you will need a parenting plan outside the courtroom. This agreement is like a legal document but drafted by parents instead of a lawyer. This way, the couple has the freedom of choosing whatever way they feel like to raise their kids.


Although this looks easy, it is advised to get this done in the presence of a lawyer. Before you give that document to the court, get it reviewed by a lawyer. This way, no mistakes in terms of language or parenting plan will occur, and if there are any, the attorney will guide you.


Mediation comes when parents can’t agree to familiar grounds. In this process, a mediator helps the couple in sorting out things. Acting as an unbiased party, a mediator makes things more comfortable, and you don’t have to visit the court, allowing you to avoid any legal influence.


Legal Advisor and the CourtRoom


When mediation and a parenting agreement doesn’t work out, then the only option left with couples is a fight for custody in the court. This is where a family attorney in Miami makes a difference. A parental rights legal advisor does an in-depth analysis of the case and looks for the demands and desires. They find a way that aligns with the book of the law to help you win the child’s custody the right way.


Choosing the Right Lawyer for Your Case


Finding the lawyer, in this case, is vital because any factor left unchecked can cost you the custody of your child. For the best possible outcome, one needs to go through a rather stressful process. So if you want to make this process easy, look for the following factors:


  1. References are the best way to narrow down the list. Ask friends and family members if they have a good lawyer in mind that can help you.
  2. Take a quick interview with the lawyer before finalizing them. Tell them your story, and because such legal fights involve emotions in abundance, it is always better to stick with the facts.
  3. Find out about the attorney’s reputation. Look for all the past cases they have worked on. Check the success ratio and anything beyond 70% means the attorney is a good one.


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