Losing full or partial custody of your child can be a very traumatic experience. You may want to contest or modify the custody of your child due to changing circumstances like proximity, better incomes, or to protect the child. You can change child custody in Florida by seeking the services of a family attorney in Miami, who will advise you on the various Florida custody laws and how to make the best case.

Why Modify Child Custody In Florida

You may want to modify child custody in Florida when there are changes in your circumstances or the circumstances of the child. You may wish to modify child custody to protect your child from an abusive co-parent. A great way to modify custody is for both parents to revise and draft a new parenting agreement and seek the judge’s approval. You can also get emergency relief if you accuse the other parent of domestic violence and petition for a protective order. You will have sole custody till the lifting of the injunction.

Legal Modification Of Child Custody In Florida

You can modify full or partial custody of a minor child in Florida by petitioning a family court. Florida family law statutes provide guidelines on modifying child custody in Florida due to unanticipated and substantial changes. During a divorce in Miami or separation, with the help of your family attorney Miami, you can negotiate a parenting agreement between yourselves and submit it to the court for approval. However, the judge will not approve any changes unless he is satisfied that they are in the child’s best interests and that they are fair and reasonable.

How To Modify Child Custody

Both the custodial and non-custodial parents have the right under Florida custody laws to petition a court to modify child custody. If you would like to modify child custody in Florida, start by getting advice from an experienced family law attorney who knows the local courts and judges and is familiar with your local laws and procedures. Before starting a court process, strive to find common ground with your co-parent before it becomes messy. Your family attorney Miami will help you file for the medication, advise you on your rights, and help protect both your rights and those of your child.

Considerations By The Courts

Florida courts consider a wide variety of factors when deciding whether or not to modify child custody in Florida. They include but are not limited to the child’s overall health, safety, and welfare, a change in physical custody, changes in parenting time, substantial and material disruption of lifestyle, and relocation. In addition, Florida custody laws also consider failure by either party to comply with court-ordered provisions regarding parenting time. The judge’s decision about child custody in Florida will then become part of your decree of divorce or other order about your case.

Get Professional Help

If you are facing a divorce in Miami and have children, you may be concerned about the custody of your children. In the state of Florida, you can pursue legal custody of your child. Contact family attorney Miami for assistance with gaining custody or modifying child custody in Florida. While getting a favorable deal through the courts can be scary and overwhelming, it is possible with sound legal guidance and representation. The attorney will help you figure out what is best for your child and help you present your case in a court of law.