If you’re in the beginnings of getting a divorce, it’s important to know that having the right advice throughout this difficult period in your life can make all the difference. Your divorce attorney is thee person who is able to protect your rights and assets so that you are able to begin the next chapter of your life with the resources you need and that you deserve out of your marriage. Hiring an experienced divorce attorney well-suited to your situation can significantly cut down on the time, cost, and emotional stress that is associated with divorce litigation. Read on to learn more about how to find the best divorce lawyers for your situation. If you’re looking online for “divorce lawyers near me” in the Miami area, call Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. for a consultation today.


Things To Consider Before Hiring Your Divorce Attorney


  • Experience and specializations- The number one thing on your divorce attorney checklist should be finding an attorney who has experience in family law AND specializes in divorce cases which are comparable to your situation. For example, if you have children and may have a child custody dispute, then a divorce attorney who has a lot of experience in negotiating marital assets for couples with no children may not be the best choice for you. Carefully go through attorneys’ websites and look for specializations that match your needs. If you meet with the attorney in person, then ask them about the types of clients that they usually work with and what their success rate is. Even if you’re hoping to avoid going to court, your ideal attorney needs to have a good track record in court, as the trial record of an attorney can play a major part in influencing your spouse and their attorney to settle amicably rather than drag things through court.
  • Fee Structure- The fees of divorce attorneys can vary a lot, along with how they charge. Some attorneys will charge by an hourly rate, and many may ask for a retainer (an upfront fee to be paid in advance). Other divorce attorneys will charge commissions based on the anticipated settlement figure. You need to be realistic about what you are able to afford throughout your divorce when looking for “divorce lawyers near me.”


Finding The Best Divorce Lawyers For You

  • Reputation- Through utilizing your social network, you should be able to find recommendations for divorce attorneys. Along with inquiring with family and friends and going through online forums, you are also able to ask accountants, psychologists, and other lawyers. These professionals often work closely with divorce attorneys and very likely know which ones are trustworthy and best suited for your situation. For example, if you want to stay on amicable terms with your spouse post-divorce, you may not want to choose a divorce attorney who has a reputation of going for the jugular and being extremely antagonistic.


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There are certain things you should look for when finding the best divorce lawyers for your situation. If you’re looking for “divorce lawyers near me” in the Miami area, call Arturo R. Alfonso, P.A. today!