Considering the prospect of divorce or annulment is never a pleasant thought, but knowing the differences between the two and your best option in Miami, FL, is essential.

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Divorce vs. Annulment: What is the Difference?

A divorce is the legal termination of a valid marriage, whereas an annulment declares the marriage null and void. In a divorce, property, assets, and child custody are divided according to state law guidelines, while annulments erase a marriage like it never existed.

Grounds for a Divorce in Florida

In Florida, divorce is considered ‘no-fault,’ which means either spouse can request a divorce without providing specific reasons for the separation. However, the petitioner must state that the marriage is ‘irretrievably broken’ or that one of the partners is mentally incapacitated.

Grounds for an Annulment

Unlike divorce, marriage annulments in Florida require specific legal grounds to be considered valid. These grounds fall into the categories of void or voidable marriages. A void marriage is automatically invalid as it is against state laws, while certain circumstances can invalidate a voidable marriage.

Void Marriages

Marriages can be considered void under the following circumstances:

  • Incest – This is marriage between close relatives, such as siblings or first-degree family members. They are legally invalid.
  • Bigamy – This is a marriage where one spouse is already legally married to someone else and is considered void.

Voidable Marriages

The following reasons can lead to a marriage being considered voidable:

  • Fraud: If you use deception to enter the marriage, such as hiding a fact or lying about a significant personal detail, the marriage could be annulled.
  • Coercion: A marriage entered under duress, threats, or force can be considered voidable.
  • Impotence: When one spouse is incapable of sexual intercourse, which they did not reveal before the marriage, the union can be annulled.
  • Underage: A marriage involving a minor without proper consent can be considered voidable.
  • Mental incapacity: If one spouse is mentally incapable of understanding the consequences of getting married, the marriage could be annulled.


Annulment Eligibility in Miami, Florida

To be granted a marriage annulment in Miami, Florida, the petitioning spouse must prove to the court that the marriage meets the criteria for either a void or voidable marriage.

The burden of proof lies with the petitioner, and the process includes providing evidence, affidavits, and sworn testimony. The legal process for annulment is usually more complex than divorce proceedings.

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Understanding the difference between a divorce and an annulment is crucial for couples seeking legal separation in Miami, Florida. A divorce terminates a valid marriage, while an annulment declares the marriage null and void. Annulments must meet specific legal ground requirements and may be challenging to obtain.

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