If you are looking to successfully dissolve your marriage, then annulment is the way to go. There are a plethora of reasons why marriages do not work, and couples move towards ending the marriage agreement. As a result, many couples have opted for annulment. At Arturo R. Alfonso P.A., we have dealt with many such cases and have thus gained the selfish and amount of experience regarding the annulment laws in Miami.

We have prepared a small guide to assist you in understanding the true annulled marriage meaning and how annulment consultation Miami can prove beneficial for your future happiness. When thinking of ending your marriage, there are not many available options, including divorce and annulment. Hiring an attorney can help you better explore your options and reach a more conclusive and beneficial decision regarding your marriage.


What is an Annulment?

If we glance at the bigger picture regarding ending marriages, the purpose of both divorce and annulment appear to be the same. However, some fundamental differences separate the two from each other, and we will try to shed some light on what annulment is to help you further enhance your knowledge of the subject. While your divorce aims towards ending the marriage, an annulment is targeted towards declaring the union null and void. This annulment strips the marriage of its legality, whereas divorce does not do this.


A divorce can be filed for multiple reasons, and annulment, on the other hand, is more restricted and unlimited to very few reasons. The basis of annulment is that the parties involved in the marriage were incapable in some way. This incapability includes being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any other thing that could have hindered their capability of making sound and wise decisions. Thus, the purpose of an annulment is to prove that the marriage was never legitimate to begin with, and thus it needs to be dissolved.


Annulment vs Divorce

Once the couple involved has finished the annulment process, there will be no legal records of them getting married in the first place. This is not the case for divorces. When a couple agrees to a divorce, many other technicalities need to be investigated. For instance, child custody, distribution of assets, and other things that played a significant part in their marriage.


Now that we know the gist of the differences between annulment and divorce, there are some similarities. For instance, once the divorce or annulment settlement has been agreed upon, both parties are legally allowed to marry anyone else. Well, in divorces, the parties agree on the distribution of things in the presence of an attorney; an annulment allows the parties to settle on their own.


How can we help you? 

The majority of annulment cases usually arise in the initial stages of the marriage. However, regardless of how long it has been, our lawyers are fully equipped to handle annulment cases of various types. We try our level best to ensure that our clients do not have to indulge in many technicalities and tiresome legal procedures just for getting an annulment. Taking the annulment requirements of Miami into consideration, we make our clients annulment our responsibility and resolve the matter as smoothly as possible.


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