Millions of men across the United States have been victims of physical violence, and rape from their abusive spouses. Men do not always want to speak up and seek help. Women that are victims of domestic violence from their partners are much more likely to call the police and file a report. Men are entitled to and should seek divorce and report any domestic violence that may exist in their home. It can be very difficult to divorce someone that you married and have trusted so much at some point in time. Nobody deserves to live with an abusive partner that does not respect you. If you continue to live in that environment you will find yourself in trouble. Your wife can become more abusive verbally or physically, so it’s important that you seek a divorce as soon as possible. You can’t worry about how you will look or been seen by others if they find out your spouse has been abusing you. Nobody deserves to have to live in an abusive environment. Don’t worry about what you may lose in the divorce. It’s important to get educated on all the legalities of a divorce before you come to any conclusions on your own. You need to have a plan in place once you decide you are ready to divorce your wife and would like to go your separate ways. You need to consult with a family law attorney that can help you develop his plan and find out what you can expect to happen if you decide to proceed with filing for a divorce. Arturo R Alfonso P.A. is a family law attorney in Miami, Florida that specializes in family law. Arturo Alfonso is the respected family attorney Miami locals trust, thanks to a hard earnt reputation fed by the line of services provided to the community. His practice brings assistance -through the legal system- to families looking to solve their problems, even though the outcome might still imply a marital dissolution or a custody battle. Arturo Alfonso can help you seek a divorce from your partner, guide you through legal issues, and represent your legal rights. Every person deserves to live in a safe and caring environment. Abusive spouses can permanently scar you forever if you choose to continue to endure their abuse.

Family Law

If you have children they also don’t deserve to live in an abusive environment. A family law attorney can only help you address the issues in your household that is bothering you. Also, if you have children and decide to file for divorce you will need a family law attorney to help assist you with child custody. Children need to leave this abusive situation and be moved into a safe household. Men who have been abused by their wives should get a contested divorce help on child custody and will have to give details on the abusive nature of their spouse that children definitely should not be around.