Alimony Law & Spousal Support

Alimony Law & Spousal Support

Miami, Florida

Attorney Alfonso has a wealth of experience with alimony cases. No matter how complex your case, we'll work quickly and efficiently toward resolution so that you and your former spouse can move forward.

It is common for one partner to have more financial resources than the other when entering into a marriage. In divorce proceedings, when a couple separates, the more economically stable spouse can be obligated to pay alimony or spousal support.

The court system in Florida considers various factors when determining how much support is required. The length of a marriage, time separated, relative income of the spouses, health, future financial stability and responsibility in the dissolution of the marriage often determine how long spousal support is paid.

An experienced and dedicated alimony lawyer can maximize the benefits of your settlement to suit your individual needs. The outcome of your alimony case will have far-reaching effects on your family and your financial future. Call Arturo R. Alfonso in Miami today to schedule your consultation and receive the counsel you deserve.

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